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Schraudolphstrasse 10, 80799 München

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Monday - Saturday from 13.00 -18.00

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A picture-book hat shop. Step over the threshold at Alida's and you're transported to another world. Hats and headpieces abound - everything here beckons you to give it a try. Each arrangement on the head, no matter how commonplace, requires beforehand a dialogue between the envisioned and the used - here is where inner and outer ideas meet. Colorful felts, delicate straw, and playful little headbands, materials that bring joy. With enthusiasm, a new idea is conceived and brought to life. A delicate balance between art and craft... "Atop sits the person, for there resides the self." Dressing this self, earnestly guarding it - to engage openly with others - this is the mission Alida dedicates herself to every day anew. With love, empathy, and trust.


Schraudolphstrasse 10
80799 München

Objekte, Hüte und Kopfbedeckungen mit Passion und Profession gefertigt.
Zwischen Alltag und Couture findet sich der richtige Begleiter für den Kopf.

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ALIDA, Schraudolphstrasse 10, 80799 München

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