Kunstkorrdior (pink tunnel at Ostbahhof in Munich)

Kunstkorrdior (pink tunnel at Ostbahhof in Munich)

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Orleansstraße 58, 81667 München

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00:00 / 24:00

The redesign of the bicycle and pedestrian underpass at Ostbahnhof, initiated by the collective "die Städtischen," was a participatory urban development project that transformed a dark 160-meter-long passage into a public space of art – with PINK as the main color, the tunnel now has an inviting and soft character. Over 90 volunteers, international student groups, and artists participated. The main organization was led by Francesco Sormani, Hanna Fastrich, & Anouar Mahmoudi. The redesign took about six weeks, with planning and financing requiring years of preparation. The project inspires other municipalities and serves as a blueprint for new projects. The tunnel is now friendlier, visually shortened through art, and features a new public gallery!

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Kunstkorrdior (pink tunnel at Ostbahhof in Munich), Orleansstraße 58, 81667 München

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