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10 March 2021, both here and at the MCBW FORUM at University of Television and Film  Munich.


"In my opinion, flexibility and the desire to change and evolve is a must in the creative industry of today, as with each project you have to embrace new requirements, tools and techniques."
Eva Lichner, Founder & CEO MATES

COVID-19 has turned the job market topsy-turvy and has altered many job profiles. Also the design business is currently re-organizing itself. But what does this entail for young professionals in the creative industries? Will they be the ones with better prospects on the job market? Especially skills such as empathy, creativity and flexibility, which are conveyed as part of design education and are recently in high demand across all industries due to the COVID pandemic, are required to assess needs in society and develop adequate concepts for the crisis and the time after.

With a selected program of workshops, consulting sessions, talks and panel discussions, MCBW TALENTS offers graduates of creative training and study programs the opportunity to gather solid knowledge, acquire sought-after skills and hone their profile.

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