Lower Bavarian region of Landshut is regional partner

Every two years, the MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK (MCBW) is partnering with a new Bavarian region. Hence, a special focus is also placed on the partner region in addition to Munich as main location. For 2020 and 2021, the MCBW regional partner is the Lower Bavarian region of Landshut.

The sponsors are the regional county of Lower Bavaria, the Landshut district, the city of Landshut, the Silicon Vilstal Initiative and the association Niederbayern-Forum. With this part-nership, Landshut-based companies and institutions have the opportunity to become MCBW program partners and to benefit from numerous advantages.

Dr. Silke Claus, CEO of bayern design, sees promising opportunities in this partnership: "The region is characterized by great economic dynamics. It provides many creative impulses that deserve to be presented to a broader public within the framework of the MCBW regional part-nership. Another major concern is the networking between enterprises and professionals from the creative and the arts industry beyond the region."

Dr. Olaf Heinrich, President of the regional council of Lower Bavaria, is optimistic as well: "With our participation, we want to contribute to promoting the manifold economic and crea-tive achievements of the region known not only in Lower Bavaria but also beyond the area." The Lord Mayor of Landshut, Alexander Putz, adds: "Landshut already has a rich creative industry, and we want to show more of it." County commissioner Peter Dreier considers "the networking of regional enterprises with both the design and the digital scene" above all to be an important issue.

Businesses such as enterprises, retailers, agencies, creative institutions, designers and archi-tects are all invited to participate. Active participation as a program partner is particularly in-teresting for all those who either offer creative services (i.e. designers and architects) or use them (i.e. manufacturing companies, start-ups, etc.). Retailers and providers of co-working spaces also like to use the MCBW as a platform.

As program partners, not only can Landshut-based companies and institutions stage their own achievements most attractively but also expand their own network, thus attracting potential creative talents as well as new customers. To do so, they can present themselves in lectures, workshops, exhibitions and conferences to an international audience and gain access to an exclusive network. Program partners also benefit from the supra-regional communication and advertising measures of the MCBW by getting listed in the MCBW program booklet with a circulation of 14,000 copies. The booklet is sent to 4,000 selected VIP addresses ensuring nationwide coverage. In addition, the program partners will be integrated and promoted on the MCBW website and the MCBW social media channels. Targeted press work makes sure to draw the public interest to the MCBW and its numerous events. At the MCBW reception on 9 March 2020 at the BMW Welt location in Munich, program partners are also invited to per-sonally participate and connect with other industry professionals. Furthermore, program part-ners can get a free stand space in the MCBW area of the International Crafts Fair in Munich from 11 to 15 March 2020.

The upcoming MCBW will take place from 5 to 17 March 2020. A regional MCBW highlight is planned for Tuesday, 10 March 2020: on that day, the regional program partners are wel-come to network in the so-called MCBW FORUM in Munich and present themselves as em-ployers. In addition, public events will be held at various locations in the Landshut area on 14 and 15 March 2020.