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  • One decade of MCBW: 10th edition to take place March 6 through 14
  • Transformation has modified MCBW presentation: digital, hybrid, and analog
  • Focus is on design as a tool for creating the future
  • Highlight: DIS CONNECTED video installation at HFF

Munich, Germany,  January 14, 2021 | This year, MCBW will commemorate its tenth anniversary. The program for the upcoming edition, which will focus on the future with the slogan Shaping futures by Design and will take place from March 6 to 14, 2021, will be published today. After suffering severe repercussions due to the first lockdown in March of 2020, MCBW has been repositioned and will be presented using an entirely new approach: Fans can look forward to a blend of digital, hybrid, and analog events including broad-based workshops, conferences, symposiums, webinars, virtual exhibitions, and streams such as the Brand Design Master Class and the FORWARD FESTIVAL. A video installation developed exclusively for MCBW seizes on this year’s focal theme, Shaping futures by Design, in a spectacular manner and will be projected onto the facade of the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) building in the evenings over the course of nine days.

Desperately seeking a future: Shaping futures by Design

MCBW is organized by bayern design, the Bavarian center for design competence. The slogan, Shaping futures by Design, has been chosen deliberately because at present the world is zeroing in on one topic alone: our future. The COVID-19 crisis has unearthed a number of painful issues and has intensified others – in many cases design is both the solution and the great hope. A cornucopia of approximately 100 digital, hybrid, and analog events that will engender new, multi-faceted impulses awaits design experts and aficionados at this year’s MCBW. Lisa Braun, Director of MCBW, says: “We also underwent a transformation process during the pandemic and, not least because of our ten-year anniversary, intensely explored ways to reposition ourselves. We want to set a good example and we want to show that new formats including virtual exhibitions, live streaming, and design walks can forge new paths. I look forward to a whole new MCBW with many exciting opportunities and experiences, especially on the occasion of our jubilee.” 

A range of new and known events

Again in 2021, MCBW will pivot around the MCBW FORUM – in any case virtually and also, to the extent possible, on site at the HFF. Depending on official regulations, a number of events will take place at the HFF in a digital, hybrid, or analog form including oursuperstore, the FORWARD FESTIVAL, the MCBW START UP Symposium, MCBW Talents, DESIGN KIDS, and MCBW DESIGNKINO. The team at the Live Streaming Studio at the MCBW FORUM will ensure events can be streamed should another lockdown be instituted. An entirely new format developed this year is the MCBW DESIGNWALK. Visitors participating in this curated urban walk can stop in at approximately ten stations throughout Munich’s Kunstareal district independently at any time and can enjoy the accompanying audio interviews and discussions of exhibits showcased by local institutions, companies, and shops. We are pleased to announce that Landshut will again be the MCBW Partner Region and will present design events from Lower Bavaria.

The highlight of MCBW 2021: the DIS CONNECTED video installation

The DIS CONNECTED video installation seizes on this year’s focal theme, Shaping futures by Design, in a spectacular manner and will be a highlight of MCBW 2021. Munich-based animation studios MOTOMOTO & UberEck developed the video exclusively for MCBW in line with the event’s focus on shaping the future. The goal of the video installation is to sensitize people to a new way of living that has been accelerated by the pandemic: Digitization has impacted the social behavior we have “acquired,” we are communicating in a variety of different ways, the term space has taken on a new meaning, and we are experiencing anonymity in a different way. The effect can be to bring people together and to distance them at the same time. The video shows floating idealized creatures dressed in black and white. They embody both the contrast and the balance in an artificially created space. The video installation will be projected onto the façade of the HFF building (corner of Gabelsbergerstraße and Barer Straße) throughout MCBW from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

About MCBW

MCBW is organized by bayern design GmbH and is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, and the City of Munich. As partners, BMW Group, Steelcase, and Ströer provide substantial support to the event.

+++ Shaping Futures by Designthe 10th edition of MCBW shifts its focus

+++ designaustria is a partner promoting exchanges between Austria and Bavaria

+++ Program partners can register now to contribute to the comprehensive program

+++ Landshut in Lower Bavaria remains the exclusive regional partner of MCBW 2021

Munich, July 16, 2020 | In its tenth year, Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) is zeroing in on the future: Shaping futures by Design is the new slogan of the largest design event in Germany. The slogan is reflected in the key visual created for the event, epitomizing the encounter of evolution and future, nature and technology. This relationship is worthy of much attention because it has the potential for innovation and at the same time, it is extremely vulnerable. Thus, mankind has a special responsibility to ensure the success of this relationship.

“How will we want to live tomorrow? When it comes to answering this question, designers across disciplines play an important role as they propose ideas, develop processes and structures and/or shape living environments and relationships. A future worth living is created in environments in which mindsets and design are attentive, responsible, and sustainable. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of being agile and flexible in today’s world and using our gift for innovation to develop new ‘futures.’ This is one of the reasons why the slogan of MCBW 2021 is Shaping futures by Design,” says Dr. Silke Claus, Managing Director of the organizer, bayern design. Focus will be on the future – Future of Health, Future of Security, Future of Work, Future of Education, Future of Communication, and Future of Cities. These themes will set the course for the content of the program.


Established in 1927, designaustria is the third oldest design organization in Europe. Its members, currently more than 1400 active in diverse fields, see design as the main driver of innovation and thus a key factor in society’s development and economic success. As MCBW 2021’s cooperation partner, designaustria plans to make the close ties between Bavaria and Austria more visible and to intensify and cultivate these ties with the goal of expanding the excellent neighborly relationship.

Register now to become a program partner

MCBW is an initiator, a platform, and a multiplier. The event fosters visibility for companies, agencies, and designers and connections among them, professionals, and the public. MCBW also showcases ways to use creativity and the power of innovation to transform current challenges into shared opportunities. Companies, agencies, and designers opting to become program partners have the opportunity to complement MCBW 2021 with their own events, exhibitions, and campaigns and to become part of this design week. Additions to the program can be developed based on the slogan Shaping futures by Design. Interested partners are invited to register their events at now.

Partner Region of Landshut

The Landshut region in Lower Bavaria already has registered to participate. It will continue its partnership with MCBW which began favorably in 2020, and is confident that all the events scheduled for the 2021 edition will take place after so many plans had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

To be better prepared for situations such as the coronavirus crisis, MCBW’s organizers will strengthen their focus on combining analog and digital formats. The MCBW website will become the main platform for communicating details of the program and the planned MCBW Creative Book will provide more in-depth information.

About MCBW

MCBW is organized by bayern design GmbH and sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, and the City of Munich. As partners, BMW Group, Steelcase, and Ströer provide substantial support for the event.

Review: the design industry showcases sustainable innovation

+++ MCBW keeps its status as key design event despite coronavirus crisis

+++ Sustain by Design – MCBW 2020 centered on sustainability

+++ Save the date: MCBW 2021 from March 6 to 14


Munich, April 1, 2020 | Organized by bayern design, the 9th edition of Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) which took place from March 7 to 13, 2020 strengthened its status as Germany’s key design event despite the coronavirus crisis. Although some items on the agenda had to be cancelled and the entire event was cut short because of the increasingly critical situation around the world, numerous remarkable events went ahead as scheduled. Following the motto of this year’s MCBW, Sustain by Design, several companies and organizations introduced their innovative concepts, demonstrating the great strides that have made in the field of sustainable design.

Design increases sustainable value

Good design drives sustainability. Designers work at the interface between people and society and the interface between the economy and the environment. Designers’ skills and craftsmanship enable them to combine form and function and to develop strategies and systems for solutions for a sustainable future. Many events and workshops hosted at MCBW 2020 dealt with ways of working, living, communicating, dressing, and traveling in the future. In cooperation with other disciplines and along with the research and science sectors, design develops the future – a future which must be designed. Divided into six themes – the future of digitization, innovation, communication, cities, fashion, and work – MCBW illustrated in an inspiring manner what design can do, is doing, and will do in these fields.

Sustainability-themed events during MCBW included the clothing swap campaign organized by Green City, the Socio City Conference, and the Schnitzer& sponsored symposium and exhibition titled ÜBERDACHT

Dr. Silke Claus, Managing Director of bayern design GmbH, the organizer of MCBW, says: “A future without sustainability is inconceivable. The interplay of the design industry and the corporate sector facilitates the advancement of solutions to problems and the development of sustainable models for tomorrow. The events at MCBW this year demonstrated ways in which approaches to sustainable design can impact our society.”

Other MCBW highlights

Highlights of MCBW 2020 included the awards ceremony for Münchner Modepreis presented by the City of Munich, the DMI Boston Symposium, and the Interior Congress organized by Münchner Stoff Frühling. Also a sight to see: unique light installations created by celebrity concept artist Jan Kuck. Radiating throughout Munich during MCBW, these installations immersed the Victory Gate and also turned the Isar into the Burning River with a fire-red glow – a warning light. The event attracted numerous spectators and continued until their scheduled end.

Regional Partner: Landshut in Lower Bavaria

This year MCBW’s Regional Partner, the Lower Bavarian region of Landshut, showcased its powers of innovation and its affinity with design at several events concerning architecture, communication, and crafts. One of the main features was Regional Partner Day held at MCBW FORUM. The second report on the cultural and creative industries in Bavaria compiled by bayernkreativ, the center of Bavaria’s cultural and creative sectors, was presented at MCBW FORUM as well. Landshut also will be the Regional Partner of MCBW 2021.


MCBW FORUM, the central point of contact during the design week, again took place at the premises of HFF Munich. Visitors had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with MCBW’s program and to participate in compelling events including MUCBOOK Creative Night, MCBW DESIGNKINO, the opening of the oursuperstore design shop, and Recruiting Day.

The next MCBW will take place from March 6 to 14, 2021.