Exhibit - How Healthy Products Build Healthy Cities
Exhibit - How Healthy Products Build Healthy Cities
Live event

Friday, 17/5 17:00 - 20:00

Exhibit - How Healthy Products Build Healthy Cities

Parsons Healthy Materials Lab

  • — Ausstellung / Messe / Designmarkt
Blumenstrasse 22 , 80331 München

“What is it made of?” Asking and answering this question can profoundly change the built environment for the better for all of us and the planet. Our material library invites you to discover more!

Man has always relied on nature for raw materials. In the past, local materials were used for construction from plants, soil and minerals. In the last 100 years, we have drilled deeper into the earth and developed our molecules for synthetic plastic polymers. While this quest for progress has brought new material properties, synthetic materials have also had disastrous consequences. Materials based on petrochemicals emit extraordinary amounts of greenhouse gases and release toxins that are absorbed by living things and our planet's ecosystems.
Natural materials offer unique performance characteristics and aesthetics but require a change in our practices and policies. They cannot simply replace everyday practices. Designers can become trailblazers and advocate for policy change. The theme of our exhibition "How Healthy Products Build Healthy Cities" will promote healthy, regenerative and transparent building products and help visitors understand what makes a product healthy. Our exhibition makes tangible what it means for all of us to ask: "What is it made of?". Most importantly, visitors can interact with the building products on the EU market - essential components for a healthy future.



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