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ADC‘s introductory seminar “Creative Techniques and Brainstorming”

Wednesday, 11/03 12:00 - 15:00

ADC‘s introductory seminar “Creative Techniques and Brainstorming”

Create Business!Workshop

Heye GmbH
Blumenstraße 28, 80331 München

The introductory seminar will offer new perspectives, alleviate your fear of blank pages, and prove that when you leave your comfort zone you may come up with concepts that exceed your expectations.

What do we come up with when we can’t seem to come up with anything? Where do we find inspiration? How can we preserve our joy in brainstorming in our daily operations? How do we find ideas when time is of the essence? Ideas and concepts are the currency of creative people’s daily work but developing ideas requires experience, intuition, and courage. The good news: Creativity and inspiration can be fostered!
The ADC’s introductory seminar will help challenge your own ideas and will introduce you to processes and methods you can use to evolve concepts, assess their quality and improve them.

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    Communication design / branding

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Art Directors Club GmbH
Franklinstr. 15
10587 Berlin

More than 700 leading minds in creative communication are joining forces in the ADC as the benchmark of creative excellence. In this position, the ADC is awarding outstanding communication.

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Heye GmbH, Blumenstraße 28, 80331 München

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