Agile yet planable project management

Tuesday, 10/03 17:30 - 20:00

Agile yet planable project management

Create Business!Podium discussion

Format D
Hofmannstr. 25-27, 81379 München

Expert panel discussion about questions on the agile methodology, its challenges and ways to plan it.

Even though the agile project management methodology is widely used in the digital creative economy, many projects start with the challenge, for example, of explaining the budget and the functional scope to the customer. Is it possible to manage design processes in an agile manner? These aspects keep leading back to hybrid or classic approaches.

Expert Panel:
+ Ann Lang - reCup
+ Jockel Wiedhopf - Project Consutant
+ Felix Geelhaar - Sixt
+ Benno Weinzierl - Format D

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    Design management

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Format D
Hofmannstr. 25-27
81379 München

As a digital agency with strategic creativity, we conceive & design digital brand experiences through target-group oriented applications, implementing those on the most sophisticated technical level.

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Format D, Hofmannstr. 25-27, 81379 München

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