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Thursday, 09/5 18:00 - 22:00

Animal Fiction – a human-animal symbiosis

Sarah Dorkenwald, Isabelle Enders

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Designit Germany GmbH
Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 München

What will we eat and how will we eat in the future? How can we protect biodiversity and the habitat of other living creatures in that process? What might this future taste like?

Living on Mars with bats? Funnel spoons as new cutlery for new foods? Picking energy drinks straight from the tree? Spiders as meat suppliers? Design students want to renegotiate the 'edible future' in a provocative and imaginative way.

Under the direction of Prof. Sarah Dorkenwald, Ulm University of Communication and Design, and Isabelle Enders, Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts, design students from the TH Nuremberg dare to look into the future. Using the tools of speculative design, they describe a fictitious animal: How does it live? How do we feed it without it suffering? What is the benefit to the animal itself?

The questioning and researching teaching project wants to contribute to social change. It raises awareness for the question of how we can feed ourselves without animal suffering in the future. Even more: How can we cooperate with other living beings while respecting and protecting their habitats and needs? With its speculative approach, Animal Fiction invites us to adopt different perspectives that enable critical questioning and rethinking in the context of food.

The speculative design objects of the Animal Fiction project as well as the interactive exhibition Health Fiction Gallery can be visited in the rooms of the agency Designit from MI to FR from 12-18 o'clock. DI 9.5. there will be various talks and delicious food fiction appetizers by Christine Krauss / ChirpFood from 6 pm.




Sarah Dorkenwald, Isabelle Enders
Sarah Dorkenwald, Isabelle Enders
Tumblingerstraße 7
80337 München

Animal Fiction - Prof. Sarah Dorkenwald, HfK+G Ulm and Isabelle Enders, Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg create speculative design objects with design students from TH Nuremberg.

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Designit Germany GmbH, Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 München

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