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Tuesday, 14/5 13:00 - 18:00

Awaré – Objects of Human-Nature Dialogue

Culturesphere GmbH

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Culturesphere GmbH
Horemansstrasse 30, 80636 Munich

The exhibition "Awaré - Objects of Human-Nature Dialogue" presents the work of Sylvia Eustache Rools and Jérôme Pereira, who explore aesthetic aspects of change and natural transformation processes.

Given the urgent environmental and social challenges our world is facing, it is becoming increasingly clear that new narratives are needed to inspire positive change and drive sustainable transformation. These narratives can help transform our collective mentality from hopelessness and apathy to optimism and participation. An important aspect in this context is that participation always requires communication, or dialogue. In order to successfully engage in dialogue, attentive listening, empathy and appreciation of different perspectives are indispensable. The creations of the artist duo Awaré represent an inspirational dialogue between natural transformation processes and the human hand. But they also demonstrate a constructive collaboration between two artistic personalities who, with their individual approaches and materials, explore permeable boundaries and build new connections. Their unique objects are an expression of a human-nature dialogue that acknowledges and respects the significance of the reciprocal relationships between different entities, and ultimately inspires us to reflect on our own relationship with the natural world and to take action to protect the diversity of our planet. This narrative yields a new thought approach to sustainability and positive change, and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and connectedness. By embracing this view and acting in partnerships, we can create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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Culturesphere GmbH, Horemansstrasse 30, 80636 Munich

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