Better Marketing, better World

Tuesday, 09/5 19:30 - 20:45

Better Marketing, better World

Creatives For Future

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Recognize marketing as an important driver of change and use it boldly.

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In many areas, we are at a social and ecological turning point. If we continue to work in this way, we will deprive ourselves of all the foundations of life. And this also applies to our economy, there is no time to push away the responsibility for a sustainable future. Marketing is in a state of upheaval, the changes in society demand change. Marketing must also live up to its responsibility. Marketing is powerful. Marketing creates needs and needs change the world. It cannot go on forever with further, higher, more or cheaper. It is exactly these attitudes that have brought us full throttle into this crisis situation. We need to rethink marketing and always think sustainable in the future. Marketing must become green marketing to actively support people in making their lifestyles more sustainable. We in marketing have to become aware of our responsibility and the numerous creative possibilities and can help to inspire people for a sustainable lifestyle. With green products and services. And with honest offers that enable consumers to make a conscious decision in favor of climate protection, fair social standards, species protection and animal welfare. With campaigns that inspire and support a sufficiency-oriented lifestyle.

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We are a grassroots movement from the fields of design and marketing and offer creative people an easy way to volunteer for climate justice.