Live event

Friday, 10/5 18:30 - 23:00

Why Design & Creativity Matter to Build Better Hardware

BatchOne GmbH

  • — Networking / Get Together
Dachauer Str. 110c, 80636 Munich

BatchOne helps companies design, engineer, and manufacture breakthrough hardware products. We want to talk with our client Lamy about why design & creativity matter to build better products.

This event aims at sharing our insights into working with dozens of startups and companies over the past 7 years and helping them to design, develop and manufacture their products.

Our goal is to focus on design and creativity and to show why it makes sense to address that early on in the concept phase to build better products.

About BatchOne:
BatchOne provides experience and help for companies to develop, manufacture, ship and sell their hardware and IoT products. Our proven track record helps to significantly reduce the risk of your project, resulting in our shared goal:
build better hardware - from idea to production.

About Lamy & Neo66:
NEO66 is the Innovation Studio of Lamy. Our mission is to make people's everyday lives smarter, more inspiring and more interactive. We want to create completely new forms of expression, reflection and interaction. To do this, we are developing Thinking Tools 2.0. Made by LAMY.



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ZIRKA SPACE, Dachauer Str. 110c, 80636 Munich

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