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Simplify your routines

Saturday, 14/03 14:00 - 15:30

Simplify your routines

Design Schau!Workshop

Raum für Visuelles Denken
Arcisstraße 55, RGB, 80469 München

In the two workshops with Susn Kohl, you will learn how to design your working environment in such a beautiful way that you can complete unpopular routine tasks with more ease and pleasure.

Information and things multiply steadily, our world is getting more complex. Simplicity transforms into something valuable. Daily tasks such as orderliness and administration can be made much simpler by applying visual and aesthetic rules. You win time, space and energy. You will learn how perception works, how colors and materials affect you, what makes a good tool and what is the right arrangement. You will navigate more easily and intuitively through the jungle of things and data. Workshop 1: 2 pm–3.30 pm // Workshop 2: 4 pm–6 pm. Expense contribution per person: 10 €.

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    Universal design

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Susn Kohl – Studio für Alltagsdesign
Arcisstraße 55
80799 München

In her Studio for Everyday Design, artist and designer Susn Kohl creates techniques and products to simplify daily routines by applying aesthetic rules.

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Raum für Visuelles Denken, Arcisstraße 55, RGB, 80469 München

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