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School's on fire!

Saturday, 14/03 10:00 - 16:00

School's on fire!

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Keramikschule Landshut
Marienplatz 8, 84028 Landshut

Keramikschule Landshut is literally on fire! Stop by and learn about the different fascinating firing techniques!

On Saturday, we offer the possibility to glaze and decorate prefabricated pottery. The pieces will be treated with the Raku technique. Raku is a Japanese low temperature firing process, during which the pottery is removed from the kiln while still glowing hot. The treatment results in unique surface effects.
On Sunday, a kiln will be fired up to 1300°C with wood only. During the final stage of the process, soda is added to the combustion zone of the kiln in order to create a salt glaze.
Pieces of both firing techniques are on display in our exhibition spaces.

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    Art and Design, Manufacturing & crafts

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Keramikschule Landshut
Marienplatz 8
84028 Landshut

Connecting pottery with design, arts & crafts is the aim Keramikschule Landshut wants to pass on to its students. Practical applications & theory are conveyed both to journeymen and master students.

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Keramikschule Landshut, Marienplatz 8, 84028 Landshut

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