Saturday, 11/5 12:00 - 14:00

Unleashing Digital Health:Enabling productivity & patient satisfaction

DieProduktMacher GmbH

  • — Podiumsdiskussion
DieProduktMacher GmbH
Hofmannstraße 7a, 81379 München

Experience the future of healthcare with our expert panel as they unveil strategies and digital solutions for optimizing productivity and patient satisfaction in this rapidly evolving industry.

During our panel discussion and Q&A session with lunch snacks and drinks, our experts will share their experiences and insights on successful implementation and adoption of digital health solutions, covering topics such as telehealth and mobile apps.

We'll also explore how these solutions can improve patient satisfaction, alleviate stress for medical staff, and lead to better health outcomes.

Additionally, the panel will discuss the importance of designing accessible and user-friendly digital health solutions for patients of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Join us as we explore the power of digital health to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.

11.45am Doors Open
12.30pm Panel Discussion
01:30pm Q&A
Networking Lunch/Drinks





DieProduktMacher GmbH
DieProduktMacher GmbH
Hofmannstraße 7a
81379 München

DPM is a team of diverse teams. We partner with organizations to discover, define, and build conscious digital products that help them grow their business and scale their positive impact.

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DieProduktMacher GmbH, Hofmannstraße 7a, 81379 München

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