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"Wrapped" or Guerilla Knitting - Knitting for a colorful city

Friday, 12/03 09:00 - 15:00

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"Wrapped" or Guerilla Knitting - Knitting for a colorful city

Friday, 12/03 09:00 - 15:00

"Wrapped" or Guerilla Knitting - Knitting for a colorful city

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Stadt Vilsbiburg
Stadtplatz 26, 84137 Vilsbiburg

Co-Creating despite virus and contact restrictions? To make this happen, the City of Vilsbiburg supplies free wool for the knitting project. Anyone can join in, very safely from their home.

Vilsbiburg wants to become more colorful and attractive, especially the city center. This calls for the support of its citizens. The project "Eibackelt" (Wrapped) describes the knitting initiative that aims to wrap the pillars of the pavilion at Färberanger in knit. To this end, wool has been provided by the city administration and distributed to various social institutions, such as the BRK Day Care Center or the Youth Club. As soon as the pandemic allows it, we intend to assemble the individual parts in a get-together on site.


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Stadt Vilsbiburg
Stadtplatz 26
84137 Vilsbiburg

Die Stadt Vilsbiburg mit über 12.000 Einwohnern liegt im Landkreis Landshut. Leistungsfähige Handwerks-, Industrie- und vielfältige Einzelhandelsbetriebe schaffen eine positive Stadtentwicklung.

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Stadt Vilsbiburg, Stadtplatz 26, 84137 Vilsbiburg

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