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Wood fire fascination – Japanese aesthetics in pottery

Saturday, 14/03 16:00 - 17:00

Wood fire fascination – Japanese aesthetics in pottery

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Keramikschule Landshut
Marienplatz 8, 84028 Landshut

Ceramic Collector Rudolf Strasser takes you on a journey to get to know the design and firing technique of japanese ceramics!

In ancient times, pottery was burned in open fire. Today, electric or gas-fired kilns offer a controlled firing process. In Asia, special wood-firing techniques based on the experience gathered over generations have remained until the present. The ashes arising from the wood fire alight on the surface of the ceramic objects, thereby generating particularly appealing aesthetics. This technique, which is complex and risky but also fascinating, is taught exclusively at Keramikschule Landshut. Ceramic collector and Japan expert Rudolf Strasser provides insight in his lecture.

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Keramikschule Landshut
Marienplatz 8
84028 Landshut

Connecting pottery with design, arts & crafts is the aim Keramikschule Landshut wants to pass on to its students. Practical applications & theory are conveyed both to journeymen and master students.

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Keramikschule Landshut, Marienplatz 8, 84028 Landshut

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