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Thursday, 09/5 18:00 - 22:00

Health Fiction Gallery

Danusch Mahmoudi

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Danusch Mahmoudi
Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 Munich

What good can snail slime, a funnel spoon or a second thumb do? Astounding product ideas and services related to health & nutrition are on display here. Rich in imagination and sometimes provocative.

How do we want to shape the future? How do we want to keep fit and healthy - and simultaneously take responsibility for animals and nature? This is precisely what the interactive exhibition "Health Fiction Gallery" and the speculative exhibition "Animal Fiction" are all about. They both address the major future issues relating to health and nutrition and invite us to think disruptively outside the box of what is supposedly possible.

We focus on three central points and present exciting product ideas and service solutions that rethink our health and nutrition and make it possible to experience a society that adapts symbiotically to its environment. Under the keyword "Endless Life", we look at how the striving to extend life will influence our health behaviour. "Hospital in your Pocket" takes a close look at the question of decentralized infrastructure that could improve healthcare in the long term. "Upgraded Humans" is dedicated to how new technologies approach the topic of health in a visionary way and what that could be. The exhibits, which are still unique and not for sale, show what is possible when we open ourselves to speculative design methods and inspire scientific knowledge with imagination. It doesn't matter whether we imagine a fictional future on Mars, obtain nutrients from poisonous mushrooms or creates hybrid creatures from animals and nature.




Danusch Mahmoudi
Danusch Mahmoudi
Gabrielenstrasse 9
80636 Munich

As an experience innovation company with creativity at our core, we work at the intersection of strategy, design, marketing, and technology.
What matters tomorrow is designed today.

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Danusch Mahmoudi, Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 Munich

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