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Thursday, 09/5 18:00 - 22:00

Health Fiction Talks

Danusch Mahmoudi

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Danusch Mahmoudi
Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 Munich

Experts discuss their insights into the future of health. We look ahead to a humanity that may merge with technologies and symbiotically interact with and benefit from its environment

What does the future hold in terms of health? Which biological-technological upgrades can there be that address the problems surrounding biodiversity, the turnaround in traffic or the scarcity of resources with respect?

We have invited experts and thought leaders who will connect the scientific findings of today with the visions of tomorrow. Among the participants are:

- Dani Clode is interested in the relationship between people and products and, together with scientists, is researching how our brain adapts to augmentations such as her "3rd thumb".

- Dr. Patrick Kramerir is a bio- and bodyhacker. He talks about the digitalisation of humans themselves, brain computer interfaces and how we will continue to optimise and upgrade ourselves in the future.

- Prof. Sarah Dorkenwald gives insights into the approach of the research-based teaching project 'Animal Fiction - a human-animal symbiosis', which was implemented by design students at TH Nuremberg.

The two exhibitions "Health Fiction Gallery" and "Animal Fiction" provide additional inspiration. On show are speculative design objects describing a fictional animal-human symbiosis, as well as unique exhibits and objects on the topics "Hospital in your Pocket", "Upgraded Humans" and "Trusting (in)Visibility". The visionary product and service solutions stimulate thought, spark our imagination and show potential design ideas.




Danusch Mahmoudi
Danusch Mahmoudi
Gabrielenstrasse 9
80636 Munich

As an experience innovation company with creativity at our core, we work at the intersection of strategy, design, marketing, and technology.
What matters tomorrow is designed today.

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Danusch Mahmoudi, Gabrielenstrasse 9, 80636 Munich

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