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Thoughts about landmarks

Friday, 13/03 16:00 - 18:00

Thoughts about landmarks

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Wager Gärtner Knoch Architekten GmbH
Am Graben 23, 84036 Landshut

Rooms of a restored medieval block structure are now used by an architectural firm and form the framework for opinions, questions, and potential approaches to treating historic building fabric.

An attempt to converge the sense and nonsense of current ways of treating historic buildings.

Exhibition at the premises of the architectural firm on 13 and 14 March 2020.

Plans and drafts for restoring historic and landmarked buildings.

Photographs of conditions prior to the restoration, quotes from life in the processing of historic buildings and monuments and models.

Introduction event prior to the vernissage in the patio of the architectural firm, including a brief lecture on 13 March 2020.
Plus the option to tour the restored offices.

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    Architecture / Urban planning, Art and Design

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Wager Gärtner Knoch Architekten GmbH
Am Graben 23
84036 Landshut

One of the firm’s focal points is working with historic buildings, mainly landmarks. The recently renovated structure built in 1496 offers an appealing setting for events and exhibitions.

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Wager Gärtner Knoch Architekten GmbH, Am Graben 23, 84036 Landshut

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