km: experience area

Friday, 13/03 10:00 - 20:00

km: experience area

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kontrastmoment GmbH
Fraunhoferstraße 5, 80469 München

Interface designers are mediators between the human and the technological world. We are the translators between competences. Here we create a space to pause and reflect.

On the occasion of the MCBW, kontrastmoment opens up a new space for interaction and exchange in the former rooms of the design office: the "km: experience area“. This space shall be used now for gatherings, shared experiences and dialog. Internal and external workshops, conferences and exhibitions shall be organized here. It is located in Fraunhoferstr. 5 in the basement of the rear building.
On these two days, three multisensory VR experiences (mind, soul, spirit) will be presented there, exhibits will be displayed, and the "km: talk" will find a new home for its interdisciplinary panel.

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    Digital Innovation

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    German, English

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kontrastmoment GmbH
Fraunhoferstraße 5
80469 München

kontrastmoment is an independent, owner-operated company focusing on digital experience design. The team consists of over 60 specialists from 20 countries in over 20 design disciplines.

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kontrastmoment GmbH, Fraunhoferstraße 5, 80469 München

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