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Tuesday, 07/5 11:00 - 12:30

"Most Touched" Barbara Glasner - Book Matinée with Prof. Markus Frenzl

Luitpoldblock GbR

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Salvatorplatz 4, 80333 München

With over 1000 photographs of historic and contemporary door handles from all over the world, the book "Most Touched" presents the design diversity of an often underestimated architectural detail.

"Are you still collecting?" is what Barbara Glasner, publisher of the book "Most Touched", was repeatedly asked by friends, architects and designers who had sent her photos of door handles of all kinds and from all over the world over the past three years. With numerous of her own motifs and photographs from more than 100 contributors, "Most Touched" is now a comprehensive and surprising compendium of an often underestimated, albeit indispensable architectural detail. The book will be presented at a matinée in the LUITPOLD LAB at Luitpoldblock, whose door handle is also featured in the photographic collection. From the iconic carved handle sculpture to the industrially produced door handle in its millions, themes such as materiality, function and ergonomics, ornamentation and patina, status and style can be read across the ages. In a dialogue with Markus Frenzl, professor of design and media theory at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, design and architecture expert Barbara Glasner explains the cultural significance, symbolic functions and semantic context of these functional objects.


Luitpoldblock GbR
Luitpoldblock GbR
Brienner Straße 11
80333 Munich

The Luitpoldblock – embedded in the Brienner Quartier – is a first-class business address. It represents a piece of vibrant Munich city history and is at the same time constantly changing.

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LUITPOLD LAB, Salvatorplatz 4, 80333 München

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