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Well-being in the office – How much space does your success need?

Thursday, 12/03 19:00 - 22:00

Well-being in the office – How much space does your success need?

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Die Planstelle GmbH Innenarchitektur
Baaderstrasse 7, 80469 München

"So you think, let's just squeeze in a couple of colorful couches and we're happy?!"
New work environments can actually put both employees and planners to the test.

Well-being in the office is easier said than done! How do changes in the work environment affect the emotions and sensitivities of employees, and how does this change the job profile of the planner? Which competences do we need to bring to the table in order to detect fears and needs and to consider them in the planning process? We would like to approach these questions with you in a lecture at our offices. We look forward to an enriching discussion and a vivid exchange of experiences.
PLUS: yummy snacks and drinks will be provided, of course!

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    Interior design

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Die Planstelle GmbH Innenarchitektur
Baaderstrasse 7
80469 München

Die Planstelle GmbH is a team of 'natural born planners'. Motivated by this passion, we develop magnificent spaces with our clients.
SO: how much space does your success need?

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Die Planstelle GmbH Innenarchitektur, Baaderstrasse 7, 80469 München

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