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Wednesday, 08/5 15:00 - 17:00

Stopover of the KU Strassenschau 2023

Luitpoldblock GbR

  • — Vortrag
Salvatorplatz 4, 80333 München

In the face of our social challenges, crises, potentials and new beginnings, we explore what it means to mould social upheavals into entrepreneurial awakenings.

Our current times present us as a society with challenges, and very often we can no longer apply the old practices of dealing with these events. So this situation of social uncertainty, in which so many factors are changing rapidly, can and must also be used to change the paradigms we use to look at it.
KREATIVES UNTERNEHMERTUM wants to meet this paradigm shift with a new age of entrepreneurship. And so the series of events "V. KU Strassenschau 2023" will specifically ask: How can upheaval become awakening? How do we use the dynamics of social change to help create a more participatory, people-centered economy and society? Where are companies already breaking traditions and certainties? And how are companies breaking open, rethinking things, collaboratively, regeneratively, cyclically?
The aim of the event series is to seek entrepreneurial answers to these questions and thus explore the path to a new age of entrepreneurship.
In Munich, this year's KU Strassenschau will make a stopover at the Luitpoldblock on its way to Gmund. As part of the afternoon event, we would like to experience with KREATIVES UNTERNEHMERTUM which visions for a sustainable entrepreneurship already exist and which role models we need in order to shape a future worth living in an entrepreneurial way - from thinking to acting.


Luitpoldblock GbR
Luitpoldblock GbR
Brienner Straße 11
80333 Munich

The Luitpoldblock – embedded in the Brienner Quartier – is a first-class business address. It represents a piece of vibrant Munich city history and is at the same time constantly changing.

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