Daniel Hahn

Founder Bahnwärter Thiel & Alte Utting

Daniel Hahn

An old circus tent bought at just 18 years old and his experiences working at Pathos Transport Theater started Daniel Hahn’s journey that would lead to various projects that challenge traditional ideas of space and find sustainable ways to repurpose discarded or decommissioned objects.

In 2012 he founded Wannda e.V., creating a place for people to dream and experience art and culture. Three years later Bahnwärter Thiel was born, a cultural center built on the grounds of an old slaughterhouse.

His most daring project this far is the Alte Utting, an old passenger ship from Ammersee that has found a new home on unused railroad tracks.

He will talk about what it involves to create places of encounter and creative urban design in a highly populated city.