Matthias Hauss

freischaffender Architekt

Matthias Hauss

Born and raised in Dachau
09/2012 - 10/2015
Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), study course architecture, Bachelor of Arts
09/2016 - 10/2019
MUAS, study course architecture, Master of Arts
Master's thesis: "At eye level - community and cultural centre on the Amper"
2015 - today
Freelance work for various architectural offices

Studio Mzamba:
Eastern Cape, South Africa
2015 PRESCHOOL II (1st construction phase)
2016 PRESCHOOL II (2nd construction phase)

11/2013 Excursion of MUAS to Oman "Transformation
Prof. Dunja Karcher
02/2015 Excursion of MUAS to India "Planning and Building in an International Context
Prof. Dunja Karcher
06/2015 Tutor at MUAS "Bauen im Bestand" in Sabbioneta, Italy
Prof. Dr. -Ing. Silke Langenberg