Paul Varga

CEO Playbrush

Paul Varga

Paul is the CEO & Founder of Playbrush, a venture-funded technology startup that is digitalising oral care. He has scaled Playbrush to seven-digit revenues and 20+ employees within only two-and-a-half years, won several international awards and was recognised by the media globally. Paul is also a Co-Founder of Hug A Brit, an independent movement and social media campaign around the British EU membership referendum in June 2016. He has a professional background in investment & advisory, with a focus on healthcare and technology.

Keynote the business model of Playbrush and how the brand is stirring up the oral care market with subscriptions.
(11.3.20, 1:30 am - 2:15 am, Trend Arena @ INTERNET WORLD EXPO, Munich trade fair)