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Fast, sustainable and innovative: automotive research & prototyping


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Bayerstrasse 85a, 80335 Munich

Beyond cost-savings, prototyping is how you can stay ahead of fast-changing market demands and technologies. Find out how we can help you create futuristic and brand-defining experiences.

Prototyping is a critical tool for the automotive industry to remain agile and responsive to disruption while driving innovation and ensuring that new technologies are fully tested and optimized before they reach consumers.

Discover what kind of prototyping is right for your needs and how you can use prototyping to overcome development challenges and risks with the right approach.

You’ll uncover strategies for testing and refining ideas before committing to expensive production processes, balancing fidelity levels, understanding limitations, and more to create more user-friendly and successful products.

Come join the conversation!

At Star, we work with 35+ of the world’s leading OEMs to create exciting, user-centric and validated experiences that are right for the customer and the market. Learn more about our work and global Design Team at www.star.global.


Bayerstrasse 85a
80335 Munich

Star ist ein globales Team von Produktentwicklern, das Strategie, Design und Ingenieurdienste miteinander verbindet.

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Star, Bayerstrasse 85a, 80335 Munich

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