Enhancing mobility experiences through mixed reality

Mittwoch, 18.05. 17:00 - 18:00

Enhancing mobility experiences through mixed reality

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We find ourselves at an interesting tipping point for XR. Join us to be inspired and learn about the potential of designing with these emerging technologies for mobility use cases.

While many perceive Mixed Reality (MR) as a marketing buzzword, it is in fact teetering on the edge of mainstream adoption. Immersive technology has come a long way in regards to solving hardware-obstacles. However, the key question for designers is how spatial perception and smart content can be applied in a meaningful way. The field is developing rapidly: Immersive applications for entertainment and for very focused functional applications are just around the corner.

In this talk, we will de-mystify the technology and all its acronyms, explore and discuss mobility use cases and how human-machine interaction can be enhanced while on-the-go, in a vehicle or in a train.

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