Under the mcbw annual motto "How to co-create with nature" with creative explorer Stefano Boeri and many more, the mcbw design summit will take place on 13 May 2024 at Munich Urban Colab. Save the date - click here for information and tickets.

How can we (re)learn to live, manage and design together with nature? This year's mcbw design summit 2024 is all about nature as a co-creator. Together with the Italian architect and mcbw creative explorer Stefano Boeri, as well as

• Daniela Bohlinger (BMW Group)

• Maurizio Montalti (Sqim, Officina Corpuscoli)

• Laura Kiesewetter (Institute for Computational Design and Construction)

• Tom Kortbeek (Fillip Studios)

and many other internationally renowned speakers and contributors from design and architecture studios, research institutes, design centres, start-ups and companies, we want to present innovative design approaches with a focus on nature.

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As the highlight of the mcbw design summit 2024, this year's mcbw creative explorer Stefano Boeri will present his future vision of cities that connect us more closely with nature through rooftop and community gardens, urban agriculture, parks and forests. More important than ever today are the answers to the questions of how we can apply findings from biology and ecology in design, how the circular economy can contribute to biodiversity, how nature can become a co-designer of products and processes and how we can better understand and experience nature through digital technologies. Together, we want to shed light on "How to co-create with nature" and explore new design approaches. Find out more about the mcbw 2024 annual motto "How to co-create with nature" here.

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100,00 for bayern design e.V. members
55,00 for students

Stefano Boeri – more about the mcbw creative explorer 2024

The keynotes and panels will be held in English and German. Simultaneous translation available.
Further programme details for the mcbw design summit 2024 will be published shortly.