munich creative business week 2024

Under the annual motto "How to co-create with nature", the 13th munich creative business week (mcbw) will take place in Munich from May 11 - 19, 2024. As Germany's largest design event, it is the international showcase for the Bavarian creative and design industry and is organized by bayern design as a platform for new ideas, trends and creativity. Learn more about the mcbw here.

mcbw annual theme 2024: „How to co-create with nature“

Together with our partners and other interested parties, we set out to explore the many ways in which design can help us (re-)learn how to work in partnership with nature, to accept it as a co-designer, and to live and grow side by side with it: collaboration instead of domination. To steer these reflections in a distinct direction, we have coined a tagline that sums up our concern and our mission for the future in a nutshell: "How to co-create with nature".

Welcome to mcbw

The munich creative business week will take place again in May 2024 in Munich. During the 9 days, the creative scene will meet to learn about the latest trends, technologies and innovations around the different design disciplines, to exchange ideas and to network.

The 13th munich creative business week will take place from May 11 to 19, 2024. Find out how you can become an mcbw 2024 partner below.

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Recap: The mcbw 2023

For the 12th time, the munich creative business week took place in May 2023 under the annual motto "Why disruption unleashes creativity" with over 65,000 visitors, 333 speakers and 160 program partners with 170 events, making it Germany's largest design event. Inspiration, ideas, dialogues, networking, innovation, technology - #designconnects! Click through our mcbw archive and learn more about our program and partners.

Free Full Stream: The mcbw talk&connect 2023

The mcbw talk format with the keynote on disruptive design by mcbw creative explorer Leyla Acaroglu is now available to stream in full! Also included: the keynotes by Sep Verboom and Sascha Frieseke as well as the Disruption Deep Dive panel moderated by Annette Diefenthaler, which shows how design can drive social, economic and sustainable change for the better.

Thanks to our sponsors and media partners

Planning and implementing the largest design event in Germany is only possible with strong partners at our side. We try to offer almost all events during the 9 days of mcbw free of charge to make participation possible for all interested parties. If you share our vision of a diverse and strong metropolitan region and want to present your organization as a digital pioneer, then become a sponsor or media partner of mcbw 2024. Please contact us.

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