About MCBW

The MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK (MCBW) is Germany's largest design event and at the same time an international showcase for the Bavarian creative and design industry. As a platform, the MCBW grants companies and designers from all disciplines the opportunity to present themselves to the professional world and the design-savvy public in Munich and the surrounding area over a period of nine days in a variety of event formats, such as exhibitions, lectures, talks, panel discussions, etc..
The MCBW is organised by bayern design GmbH and sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy as well as the City of Munich.

Under the leitmotif Design connects and the two program areas, CREATE BUSINESS! for the trade audience and DESIGN SCHAU! for the design-savvy public, inspiring design experiences are created, know-how is shared, trends and the latest innovations are discussed, and contacts are forged in order to fully immerse oneself in the world of design.

In doing so, MCBW underlines its concept- and content-based orientation with changing main themes along the major trends and questions that move today's society.
Underlying all the current issues and topics such as climate change, sustainability, equal rights for all, social responsibility and collaboration, however, is also a strong hankering for lightness, to be optimistic, courageous and self-confident in doing the right things at exactly the right time. The yearning for a world in balance has become the driver for renewal. Design mediates between surging desires, realities and disciplines; it inquires, creates processes, structures and materials; it generates ideas, shape and meaning. We believe that the time for the creative economy is now. Hence the 2022 MCBW theme of the year:


In the past year, we all had to learn how to deal with uncertainties – at times successfully, at times not so much. Yet it has often helped us find our inner places or keep our faith in embarking on the next "journey". This is exactly what the MCBW 2022 intends to do: reveal places of yearning and show them to us. These places look entirely different for each individual. They sometimes lie within ourselves, or in the physical realm, or in the digital space. The MCBW wants to be a projection surface for all the issues that move us, that move society, and that we yearn for. And so, underlying all the questions and topics such as climate change, sustainability, equal rights for all, social responsibility and collaboration, there is a strong yearning for ease, for doing the right things just at the right time with a spirit of optimism, courage and self-confidence. Our yearning for a world in balance has become the driver for renewal. Design mediates between desires, realities and disciplines; it inquires, it provides orientation in an increasingly complex world; it experiments, creates processes, structures and materials; it generates ideas, shape and meaning. The time of the creative economy is now: Let us discover new horizons together.  Welcome to the MCBW 2022!

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Lisa Braun
Head of MCBW

Lisa Braun

+49 89 520356-62
braun @

With an early fascination for carefully designed postcards, architecture and the desire to create with her own hands, Lisa first took up the solid craft of carpentry before following her penchant for exquisit design with a degree in design and product management.


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Several years of professional experience in product design and innovation management for a variety of industries prepared her for eventually joining the MCBW staff in 2018 - initially as partner manager and, since 2020, as head of MCBW.

Her unshakeably cheerful, proactive personality and her grasp of the big picture allow Lisa to hold the multiple MCBW strands under control and to re-compose them in a team effort with great enthusiasm and diplomacy - all with the purpose of setting new tones for the MCBW.   

When away from the world of design, nature lover Lisa can usually be spotted outdoors - on her bicycle, in the mountains or her vegetable garden. Not surprisingly, her creativity also translates into bold culinary creations

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Anja Philipp
Projectmanagement MCBW

Anja Philipp

+49 89 520356-61
philipp @

Early on in her personal life, Anja discovered her affinity for design when she fell in love with materials science and typography. Her professional path to design, however, initially led her from a degree in media and communication studies to work in theatre, film and the start-up world before arriving at the MCBW in 2020.

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Anja is the gifted organiser behind the MCBW FORUM; she researches and curates the films for the DESIGNKINO; she is responsible for the DESIGNWALK; and with her tireless motivation and infectious drive, she also produces the MCBW Newsletter and much more. On top of that, she is also our joker for questions relating to social media and pop culture trends.

The inquisitive spirit that she is, Anja is always on the lookout for new things to try out and discover, from the latest art exhibition to the hottest venue. And as an avid globetrotter, her scope of exploration extends far beyond Munich’s city limits.


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Tanja Knöller
Projektmanagement MCBW

Tanja Knöller

+49 89 552692-23
knoeller @

Tanja has been part of the MCBW family since 2013 – and is thus our most valuable resource as the treasurer of the immense wealth of MCBW knowledge and a constant provider of useful insights into the long MCBW history. Family ties to design sparked her love for design at an early age.


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This steered her on the path to studying design. Further career moves within Germany and abroad led from product and exhibition design to project management, which ultimately culminated in her joining the MCBW team.

Here, Tanja is in charge of the MCBW reception and of managing the master list for all advertising materials. She also oversees the MCBW website and is particularly committed to promoting the next generation of designers. Yet she never fails to challenge the MCBW team by asking scrutinising questions and initiating discussions.

Tanja is also a passionate networker whose communicative and vivacious nature enables her to engage just about anyone in a conversation and to connect the right people at just the right time. That is why long nights are anything but uncommon with her.

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David Krause
Partner Management

David Krause

+49 89 552692-21
krause @

Already born with a soft spot for architecture and illustration, it was an Olympics poster by Otl Aicher that eventually tipped the scales for David to pursue a career in design.

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Following a hands-on training as a car mechanic as well as a number-oriented degree in business administration, David's professional journey spanned across various stints in the colourful world of music, art and culture. After a few years in brand consulting at a large communications agency, he finally joined the MCBW in 2020.

On top of being the "quota guy" in the Munich branch office, David has proven himself ever since as an eloquent partner manager by actively seeking dialogue with potential partners to co-develop concepts that serve and enrich both the partners and the MCBW. Doing so, he manages to win over even the biggest skeptics with charming persistency and to bundle different individual interests into one solution that is beneficial for all parties. In addition, he coordinates the MCBW visual brand presence with tireless commitment and attention to detail.
Brief timeouts in the mountains – mainly to put his countless pieces of (winter) sports equipment to use – and outings in the cultural scene provide the necessary balance and new inspiration.


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