Future Walk along Auermühlbach
Future Walk along Auermühlbach
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Sunday, 12/5 15:00 - 18:00

Future Walk along Auermühlbach

Speculative Futures Munich

  • — Networking / Get Together
Parkplatz Gasthaus Siebenbrunn
Siebenbrunnerstraße 5, 81543 München

How will we live together in the city in the future? Inspired by the diversity around us, we engage with alternative futures and open up space for inspiring approaches.

A simple walk can boost our creativity and lead us to innovative ideas. We take it a step further: Our Future Walk is more than just a trip into nature. Inspired by the diversity of the environment, we will engage with the theme of 'How to co-create with nature.' We will apply methods from Futures Literacy and discuss how we can learn from the processes of nature to develop innovative approaches for the future.

At Speculative Futures Munich, we deal with the exploration and design of alternative future scenarios that go beyond common forecasts and predictions. We bring together people from various fields and open up space for inspiring insights, visions, and approaches through joint discussions.

On Sunday, May 12, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM, we invite you to join us for a walk through Munich to explore the interplay between humans and nature, find new perspectives, and break away from the usual discussions and viewpoints. Meeting point: Parking lot Gasthaus Siebenbrunn at Auermühlbach (Siebenbrunner Straße).




Speculative Futures Munich
Speculative Futures Munich
Erhardtstraße 6
80469 München

SFM is the Munich chapter of the global DFI initiative and, as the Munich Network for Futures, offers a platform for all those who are (in)directly and (un)consciously involved in shaping the future.

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Parkplatz Gasthaus Siebenbrunn, Siebenbrunnerstraße 5, 81543 München

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