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Thursday, 16/5 16:00 - 18:00

About the Mountain Peaks of Tomorrow / Future Scenarios for the Alps


  • — Vortrag / Talk / Konferenz
mcbw hub #kreativmuenchen Laden im Ruffinihaus
Am Rindermarkt 10, 80331 München

Experience possible futures of reviving abandoned Alpine villages.

The Alps are a place of longing for many. Yet, this idealized region will change in the future – and not only due to climate change. As people look for new living spaces due to a lack of housing, urban flight, or migration, the Alpine region will become more densely populated (out of necessity).

To avoid further endangering the bioregion, not only is a well-considered approach indispensable, but co-creation with non-human life is also of essential importance.

Through various speculative scenarios, Strobo outlines the opportunities and risks of revitalizing Alpine communities, offering insights into future research methods. The interactive lecture by the Swiss-German collective for future design anticipates the tension between symbiotic and parasitic relationships of humans with nature, inviting attendees to engage with and discuss various possible, (un)desirable futures.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the scenarios as a VR experience after the lecture.


15:45 Doors Open
16:00 Start
16:45 Q&A
17:00 Networking, Aperó, VR-Experience


The entrance to the mcbw hub is located on Pettenbeck Strasse, directly on the side of the fountain.




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mcbw hub #kreativmuenchen Laden im Ruffinihaus, Am Rindermarkt 10, 80331 München

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