Erika  Kübler
Vorsitzende Louis L. Lepoix Archiv e.V.

Erika Kübler

As a businesswoman in Lepoix's design studio, she started work in 1962 and worked there for more than four years as a technical secretary. After 14 years as an independent contractor, she again accepted the offer to work at Lepoix's fti design GmbH in the early 1980s. Finally, in 1995, Ms. Kübler acquired Lepoix System GmbH in order to organize and preserve the great artist's works for posterity. In early 2003, a 540-page documentation of Lepoix's life's work was presented, including all design work, model descriptions, many photographs, and depictions of the artworks created. Today Erika Kübler is chairwoman of the Louis L. Lepoix Archiv e.V. and is planning a Lepoix exhibition in Vienna together with Martin Fössleitner.