Lena Jacobi
Transformationsgestalterin Systems For Future (Mitgründerin) & Kollektiv zur Weltrettung (Gründerin)

Lena Jacobi

Lena Jacobi is an interdisciplinary transformation designer and climate activist.
She studied System Design (M.A. 2022) and Industrial Design (B.A. 2020) at HTW Berlin, graduating with distinction. Before that she spent a decade working as a designer in agencies.
In her master's thesis "Designing planet responsible futures", she analysed fields of action of creatives as well as the food system in the context of the climate crisis. For her bachelor's thesis "Last farewell", she created a concept for respectful burial in crisis situations, which received recognition from the Mia Seeger Foundation in 2020.
In 2022, she founded a creative collective for artistic-activist actions against climate change and is co-founder of the Systems for Future group.