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Organized by bayern design, munich creative business week (mcbw) is the largest design event in Germany and provides a platform for new ideas, trends, and creativity. mcbw fosters interdisciplinary dialog and brings together the public, experts, designers, company representatives, and students from design, architecture, the economy, and other disciplines to deliver comprehensive design experiences over the course of nine days. Under the theme "How to co-create with nature", mcbw took place in Munich for the 13th time from May 11 to 19, 2024 with more than 190 partners and over 200 events.

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mcbw design summit 2024

How can we (re)learn to live, manage and design together with nature? This year's mcbw design summit 2024 was all about nature as a co-creator. Together with the Italian architect and mcbw creative explorer Stefano Boeri, as well as many other internationally renowned speakers, we presented innovative design approaches and put nature centre stage. 

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Recap mcbw 2024

Thank you for participating and making the mcbw Germany's biggest design week every year! See you again in May 2025 at the latest! For all news and updates on munich creative business week 2025, sign up for our newsletter.

Stefano Boeri was creative explorer for munich creative business week 2024

With his work, renowned Italian-born architect and professor of architecture Stefano Boeri is exemplary of the mcbw 2024 motto, How to co-create with nature. As Author and publisher of Green Obsession. Trees towards Cities. Humans towards Forests (2021), Boeri was keynote speaker at the mcbw design summit on May 13, 2024 at Munich Urban Colab.

mcbw annual theme 2024: „How to co-create with nature“

Together with our partners and other interested parties, we set out to explore the many ways in which design can help us (re-)learn how to work in partnership with nature, to accept it as a co-designer, and to live and grow side by side with it: collaboration instead of domination. To steer these reflections in a distinct direction, we had coined a tagline that sums up our concern and our mission for the future in a nutshell: "How to co-create with nature".

Nature as co-designer

The world is still in a state of upheaval, and it is impacting all areas of life and all industries. One of our greatest challenges is our relationship with nature. For this exploration we have defined four focus topics in accordance to the annual theme 2024.

1. Re-Learn!

Design approaches modelled on nature

2. Re-Generate!

Design approaches for the benefit of nature (and mankind)

3. Co-Work!

Design approaches in collaboration with nature

4. Un-Limit!

Design approaches that merge nature and technology

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The munich creative business week takes place every year in May. During 9 days of mcbw, the creative scene meets in Munich to learn about the latest trends, technologies and innovations in the various design disciplines, to exchange ideas and to network.

Thanks to our sponsors and media partners

Planning and implementing the largest design event in Germany is only possible with strong partners at our side. We try to offer almost all events during the 9 days of mcbw free of charge to make participation possible for all interested parties. If you share our vision of a diverse and strong metropolitan region and want to present your organization as a digital pioneer, then become a sponsor or media partner of mcbw 2024. Please contact us.


Germany's largest design event, small footprint

Unfortunately, over 200 events with international speakers and guests from all over the world cannot take place without CO2 emissions. We try to keep these as low as possible wherever possible: Our team uses rail and public transport, we avoid travel abroad and, if there is no other option, we offset our emissions. We are absolutely uncompromising on other points: we work with regional service providers, agencies and suppliers, such as for our vegetarian and vegan catering, and try to avoid packaging waste. Together with our partners and visitors, we want to constantly improve. Thanks to you!


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