The annual theme for the mcbw 2023 is set: Under the motto "Why disruption unleashes creativity", creative professionals from the fields of design and architecture, companies as well as the design-savvy public will gather for nine days, from 6 to 14 May 2023, to engage in dialogue about the interrelation between radical change and creativity.

The world finding itself in a state of disruption can hardly be considered news any more. Yet there will be no calling for the kind of "back to normal" as repeatedly demanded and hoped for by politicians, the industry and society at large. These days we know that "different" is the new "normal". But there is one thing we can all agree upon: the most dramatic shifts have always unleashed creativity and allowed for innovation to emerge.

What is also clear beyond doubt is that we need creative minds who don’t feel overwhelmed by this situation but rather embrace it as a historic opportunity to reassemble the fragments of our present times into something of genuine worth: individuals, companies and organizations willing to adopt and explore new angles and perspectives, to actually discover these gateways and, eventually, be bold enough to step through them.

We seek to highlight what can emerge when people think differently. As munich creative business week (mcbw), we are the platform for all those who are driven by change. We create encounters, foster exchange and provide inspiration: through our events as well as with our mcbw mag, which will be published in time for the mcbw.

The mcbw 2023 key visual abstractedly reflects the basic principle of creative thinking: that is, the re-assembling of fragmented pieces of knowledge, which, in light of our disruptive times, is more vital than ever for companies as well as our society to find new avenues to problem-solving. Visually, this process is translated into a comprehensive design principle using the abstract basic shapes, circle, square and triangle. These are used in various arrangements for the mcbw communication.

Under the motto "Why disruption unleashes creativity", the different mcbw events, exhibitions, lectures and activities are meant to form thematic clusters by addressing the relationship between disruption and creativity - its origins and effects as well as its potentials for design, architecture, the economy and society. 

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