As Germany's largest design event, the MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK is launching the next round featuring the annual theme "Moving Horizons". The presentation of the new key visual designed by Anette Lenz is a huge milestone towards the long week of design 2022. From 14-22 May, the event organised by bayern design will take place at several venues in Munich, offering an eclectic array of workshops, conferences, symposia, webinars, exhibitions and streams.

The past year was dominated by a strong sense of yearning: a yearning for normality, for balance, and above all, for answers to so many social issues. Topics such as climate change, sustainability and universal equality are ever-present and have thus become an integral part of our social discourse. In this regard, design is a mirror of society, a driver of change and an essential source of inspiration. With the focus theme "Moving Horizons", MCBW wants to be a platform for places of yearning by seeking to expand, challenge and shift horizons through design and to explore both what is known and what is still unknown.

Designers embrace people's desires as a task, find unexpected approaches and turn them into a tangible experience. The MCBW 2022 focuses on the challenges that move our society today and tomorrow. It looks beyond the horizon. It connects desire and design and provides space for innovative solutions.


Nadine Vicentini, Managing Director bayern design

The MCBW 2022 key visual is the brainchild of German graphic designer Anette Lenz, one of the most influential creative minds of our time. Among other features, the Paris-based designer is recognised for her unique play with typography and colour and embodies a new approach to visual communication in the public sphere. Her interpretation of the leitmotif "Moving Horizons" translates the desire for change that has taken hold of today's society into visual elemente: altering notions of lettering, delicate details gaining strength, heavy sections dissolving into graceful ones, letters stretching horizontally. As a result, new gateways, interspaces, opportunities come to light. Vertical surfaces add structure and rhythm to the space.

The multicoloured system is designed to be complementary, showing a perceivable depth and powerful contrasts through the fluid overlapping. However, the contrasts don't oppose but rather interact with each other. "The intention behind the new MCBW key visual was to visualise transformation and emotion using graphic means and to portray a new beginning of sorts in a very 'back to basics' approach. This allows text to morph into an image, combining colour, structure and lines," explains Anette Lenz. Depending on the communication channel, the key visual will also be integrated as an animated visual, allowing it to unfold its organic nature and dynamic motion.