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Tuesday, 14/5 15:00 - 17:00

Your handwriting – your expression

Typographische Gesellschaft München e. V. (kurz: tgm)

  • — Workshop / Coaching-Session
Designschule München
Roßmarkt 15, 80331 München

Our handwriting is a personal expression. With every stroke, with every letter. Fancy writing instead of typing? More beautiful and legible? You can. With a few tricks and ease.

My workshop is all about handwriting. It is individual and unmistakable. It contains
something very special: your personal way of expressing yourself. In this day s, we pay far too little attention to this beautiful asset. When was the last time you received or wrote a letter? Self-written lines become something particularly personal. Words you write yourself are better remembered and help you learn. From shopping lists to diary entries. Handwriting is »simply« beautiful.
Do you think your handwriting could be prettier and more legible? I'll show you how you can improve it while retaining your style. It's not about calligraphy - that's a different topic. It's about rediscovering your handwriting with its own character and fine-tuning it. In the course, I will give you tips on how you can check your letters, the rhythm, the sound of your handwriting and where simple corrections can help to improve legibility.
We will practise step by step: hand position, strokes in rhythm, up and down strokes and swashes. I will show you exercises that you can continue to write at home after the course. And all of this will lead to you rediscovering your handwriting. So then take your time, because writing comes from ... writing.
After the course, you will bring your handwriting back to life. In your personal expression.


Typographische Gesellschaft München e. V. (kurz: tgm)
Typographische Gesellschaft München e. V. (kurz: tgm)
Elsenheimerstr. 48
80687 München

The Typographische Gesellschaft München e. V. (tgm for short) is one of Europe's leading organizations in the creative industry. It sees itself as an interdisciplinary expert platform.

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Designschule München, Roßmarkt 15, 80331 München

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