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Wednesday, 15/5 08:30 - 09:30

mcbw hub x Virtual Identity

bayern design GmbH

  • — Vortrag / Talk / Konferenz
#kreativmuenchen Laden im Ruffinihaus (Auf der Seite Rindermarkt)
Am Rindermarkt 10, 80331 München

Join us for a thought-provoking presentation Sebastian Löwe as he unveils the significant ways in which AI-driven environments are reshaping our digital interactions and perceptions.

In an era where artificial intelligence is increasingly at the center of our digital lives, user experiences are facing a profound transformation. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löwe, Director UX Design and author of the bestseller "Design and Artificial Intelligence", will take a look at these new types of digital experiences in his presentation. The focus will be on the personalization made possible by AI in general and adaptive interfaces in particular.

Personalization, enhanced by advanced AI algorithms such as Generative AI, is shifting the paradigms of existing user experiences and traditional design. Personalization means that content, recommendations and user experiences are tailored to the individual user based on their preferences, behavior and interests. These customized experiences have the potential to increase user satisfaction, but also run the risk of enveloping users in an experience bubble.

Together, we will explore the ethical and practical challenges of this universal technology for design.



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#kreativmuenchen Laden im Ruffinihaus (Auf der Seite Rindermarkt), Am Rindermarkt 10, 80331 München

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